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Legal basis

  • Crisis or armed conflict time
  • Urgent reasons (i.e. operational reasons)
  • Mergers-Acquisitions
  • Foreign investments
  • Export licenses
  • Codes/Regulations involving Defence Industry
  • Other?

Objectives of the national SoS policy


National bodies involved and areas of responsibilities

Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV): Procurement of new products and adherent services for the Swedish Armed Forces.
Swedish Armed Forces (FM): Procurement of materiel and services for products in use.
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB): Coordination of crisis preparedness.

The role of SoS in Procurement procedures (requirements, evaluation etc.)

FMV/FM endeavors to have specific SoS-evaluation in procurement procedures.

Contractual terms on SoS

FMV/FM endeavors to have specific SoS-clauses in procurement contracts.

National policy on sharing information on stocks/inventories

In principle, stockpiling is a national responsibility.
Within the signature countries of the LEOBEN treaty a common requirement analysis and procurement is taking place.
Sweden has special regulations concerning government owned stocks, these stocks cannot be sold without special decision by the Government.
Sweden as a member of NSPO/NSPA takes part of several Weapon System Partnerships (WSP).

Existing Bi/Multi-lateral SoS agreements

Many bilateral armament agreements include regulations concerning Security of Supply.
Of special importance is the LOI-agreement. Several other agreements consists of In Service Support (ISS) Agreements that use to contain regulations concerning materiel support, maintenance, repair and technical support services, e.g. Gripen a/c support.

SoS Experts contact info

Per Skoglund

SoS PoCs/National representatives contact info

Per Andersson

Link to related national websites

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Swedish Armed Forces (FM):
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