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Legal basis

  • Crisis or armed conflict time

Hungarian regulations concerning the time of crisis or armed conflict are as follows:

    • 131/2003. (VIII. 22.) Government Decree at Preparation of the national economy on home defense and mobilization tasks
    • 228/2004. (VII. 30.) Government Decree on procurement of military or law enforcement goods and commodities designed for military or law enforcement purpose;
    • 109/2012. (VI. 1) Government Decree on NATO Security and Detailed rules for procurement in the framework of the NATO Support and Procurement Agency;
  • Urgent reasons (i.e. operational reasons)

No different regulations like above mentioned.

  • Mergers-Acquisitions

No legislation concerning security of supply in this area.

  • Foreign investments

No Security of Supply regulations in foreign investments.

  • Export licenses

Act V. of 2014 The Arms Trade Treaty promulgation;

  • Codes/Regulations involving Defence Industry
    • Public Procurement Act (being in force from 1 May 2016) Act CXLIII of 2015 on Public Procurement;
    • 13/2011. Regulation (II. 22.) on foreign trade authorization of dual-use items.
  • Other?

Objectives of the national SoS policy

To be detailed later

National bodies involved and areas of responsibilities

The Ministry of National Development is a central government agency in the sphere of economic measures for emergencies, gas-electricity security and the state material reserve.

The State Aid Monitoring Office has the task to ensure that State aid in Hungary is granted in accordance with the State Aid rules of the Union.

The role of SoS in Procurement procedures (requirements, evaluation etc.)


Contractual terms on SoS

To be detailed later.

National policy on sharing information on stocks/inventories

Hungary shares information with NATO member countries at the mutual agreed level.

Existing Bi/Multi-lateral SoS agreements

Yes, they do exist. Hungary as a member of NSPA, NCIA and other agencies can use services of these organizations. There are also two bilateral cooperation agreements within NSIP domain with the Czech Republic.
Agreement between Hungarian MoD and US DOD on acquisition and mutual providing of services. (FMS, FMF)

SoS Experts contact info

Not appointed yet.

SoS PoCs/National representatives contact info

LTC. Eng. Istvan OCSKAY
Hungarian Defence Forces General Staff
Logistics Directorate J4
Logistics Systems Branch
senior desk officer
Tel: +36 30 901-9598 or + 36 1 2376-5273 ext. 258-56;
Fax: + 36 1 236-5274;

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