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What is the SoS Portal and information of what nature can be obtained?

The SoS Portal is meant to serve as an information tool. Its main purpose is to provide for basic transparency on national policies, regulations and practices affecting SoS. The data you will find on this web-page is provided by the EDA’s participating Member States and is supposed to give you an initial overview. However, this data is for information purposes only and is by no means of a legal nature. For authentic information, we recommend to refer to the respective links to national web-pages provided by participating Member States at the bottom of the country fiches.

How to use the SoS Portal?

The SoS Portal consists of a main page providing basic information on EDA’s work strand on Security of Supply, including links to relevant further information and basic documents, and a number of country fiches for EDA’s participating Member States to post their respective national policies and procedures. You can browse the latter country by country to obtain the information you are looking for. Using the respective links and contact data, you can proceed with your research for information with the respective country. In case you have additional questions on the EDA’s initiative or the SoS Portal itself, please feel free to contact us at

What kind of information can be obtained on the SoS Portal?

The SoS Portal offers you the unique opportunity to find, on a single portal, information of all EDA participating Member States on SoS topics and more specifically about:

  • The Legal Basis
  • The Objectives of the national SoS policies
  • The National bodies involved and their respective areas of responsibilities
  • The role of SoS in Procurement procedures
  • The Contractual terms on SoS in defence related contracts
  • The National policies on sharing information about stocks/inventories
  • The existing Bi/Multi-lateral SoS agreements
  • The SoS National Experts contact information
  • Link to related national websites
  • Library with relevant documents, reports studies etc.
What is meant by "Legal Basis"?

In this section, participating Member States are requested to provide information regarding National Laws, regulations or procedures and practices concerning Security of Supply, including possible rules and regulations on Mergers & Acquisitions, Foreign investments on national Defence Industry, Export licenses etc.

What is meant by "Objectives of the national SoS policy"?

EDA’s participating Member States have different needs depending on their security situation, national defence policy, industrial base and many other factors including obligations grounded on their participation to international organizations such as NATO.
In this section you may find information about the main objectives of Member State’s national SoS policies.

What is meant by "National bodies involved and areas of responsibilities"?

In this section you may find information regarding the different governmental, military or possible other national authorities involved in the SoS process, but also about their nature of involvement including the field of their responsibilities.

What is meant by "The role of SoS in Procurement procedures"?

In this section you may find information about the role of SoS for each of EDA’s participating Member States at the pre-contractual phase (i.e. “Call-for-tenders” main requirements, SoS as a selection and/or an award criterion etc.)

What is meant by "Contractual terms on SoS"?

EDA’s participating Member States, according to their specific needs on SoS, include different contractual terms or provisions in their defence procurement contracts.
This section provides information about the variety of such terms for each Member State.

What is meant by "National policy on sharing information on stocks/inventories"?

In this section EDA’s participating Member States provide information about their current practices on sharing information with other nations on government or military stocks/inventories, but also about common or shared stocks with other nations and the existing national regulations governing access to government or military owned stocks and facilities.

What is meant by "Existing Bi/Multi-lateral SoS agreements"?

Some Member States participate in bi- or multilateral Security of Supply agreements. In this section you may find information about existing agreements, the nations involved, whether these agreements are limited to crisis or emergency time, covering also civilian goods or not, as well as possible other relevant information.

What countries can be found on the SoS Portal?

The SoS portal is a place you may obtain SoS related information of EDA’s 26 participating Member States and Norway.

Why are not all country fiches filled?

The whole SoS Portal is based on voluntary contributions from participating Member States. This implies that the information in this section – as in any other section of the portal – is subject to national scrutiny and input.