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Legal basis

  • Crisis or armed conflict time

Crisis situations that are relevant to the government’s crisis management and communication can be defined as an event or series of events that pose a threat to health, safety and property of the population or specific groups or parts of Slovenia and organizations, but also for the normal functioning of public and state bodies and state safety. The system of crisis management serves to ensure the safety of people and the environment in the event of a major crisis of national proportions. It prevents and limits the consequences of any major crisis for the population and the environment.

All institutions that are responsible for the public and state security, defense against disasters, health and sanitary security, defense against war and danger are activated. Legislation: Law on the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (Official Gazette of RS, Nos. 24/05 – official consolidated text, 8/12, 21/13, 47/13 – ZDU-1G, 65/14 in 55/17), Defence Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 103/04 – official consolidated text, 95/15 and 139/20), Regulation on the organization and functioning of the National Crisis Management Centre (Official Gazette of RS, no. 9/06, 28/18).

  • Urgent reasons (i.e. operational reasons)

Economic defence, material and health care in war or crisis time, defined in Defence Act chapter 2. Economic defence (Defence Act, Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 103/04 – official consolidated text, 95/15 and 139/20).

  • Mergers-Acquisitions

No specific SoS regulations in Takeovers Act (Official Gazette of RS, Nos. 79/06, 67/07 – ZTFI, 1/08, 68/08, 35/11 – ORZPre75, 105/11 – dec. US, 10/12, 38/12, 56/13, 63/13 – ZS-K, 25/14 and 75/15)

  • Foreign investments

No specific SoS regulations in Investment Promotion Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 13/18, 204/21 and 29/22).

  • Export licenses

Requested by the Defence Act,  article 77, (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 103/04 – official consolidated text, 95/15 and 139/20) and implemented by the Regulation of approvals for production and permits for trade in military weapons and equipment, and prior authorization for the import, export, transit and transfer of defense-related products (Official Gazette of RS, no. 59/11, 88/11, 74/12, 46/13, 29/14, 37/15, 62/16, 30/17, 14/18 in 36/19) implements Directive 2009/43 / EC simplifying terms and conditions of transfers of defense-related products within the Community.

  • Codes/Regulations involving Defence Industry

Registration required, article 78, export import licenses required, article 77, Defence Act, (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 103/04 – official consolidated text, 95/15 and 139/20).

  • Other?

Objectives of the national SoS policy

Correct and comprehensive crisis preparedness. Crisis action plans designed to avert threats and if a disaster or crisis occurs, to be prepared and to respond effectively.

National bodies involved and areas of responsibilities

The National Assembly, the government of Republic of Slovenia, Ministries such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning; Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Defence, non-state organizations such as (institutions, laboratories).

The role of SoS in Procurement procedures (requirements, evaluation etc.)

Regulation on Defence and confidential Procurement (ZJNPOV) (Official Gazette of RS, Nos. 80/07, 90/12 and 52/16 – ZJNPOV) implemented Defence Procurement Directive 2009/81/EC enables aspects of SoS to be a decision making criteria within the awarding procedure.

Contractual terms on SoS

Not yet implemented in praxis.

National policy on sharing information on stocks/inventories

No national policy, on case by case basis upon request/demand.

Existing Bi/Multi-lateral SoS agreements

Decree ratifying the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (HN) and Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe and Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Regarding the Provision of Host Nation Support for the Execution of NATO Operations/Exercises, Official Gazette of RS – International Treaties, no. 21/10.

SoS Experts contact info


SoS PoCs/National representatives contact info

Benjamin Sevsek, MSc
Ministry of Defence
Logistics Directorate
Vojkova cesta 55, SI 1000 Ljubljana

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