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Security of Supply (SoS) is a key, cross-cutting EDA work strand. It is important both for the realisation and strengthening of the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base (EDTIB) and the functioning of the European Defence Equipment Market (EDEM). SoS underpins successful collaboration between Member States.

Different nations have different Security of Supply needs, depending on their security situation, national defence policy, industrial base and many other factors. This adds to the complexity and feasibility of finding one solution that will fit all.

The EDTIB Strategy agreed by Defence Ministers in 2007 states that “The concept of a truly European DTIB will not be realised in practice unless the Member States can be confident that increased mutual dependence for supply of defence goods and services is matched by increased mutual assurance of that supply”.

EDA’s work on SoS is based on a pragmatic step by step approach, reaching a common understanding on and taking into account the different aspects of SoS. The ultimate aim is the achievement of an adequate level of confidence in SoS across Europe, including long term assurance of sources of key technologies and willingness of partner governments to facilitate supply.

The enhanced “Framework Arrangement for Security of Supply between subscribing Member States” constitutes an important voluntary, legally non-binding, mechanism for the Member States to enhance mutual support and assistance on Security of Supply. Bearing this in mind the EDA continues to develop additional means and initiatives to promote EU wider Security of Supply and will support Member States in the implementation of the new Framework Arrangement.

Such implementation will be supported by the EDA SoS Portal, which aims to increase mutual transparency between Member States on SoS policies and practices, containing Member States information on legal basis for SoS, SoS objectives, national bodies involved and areas of responsibilities, role of SoS in procurement processes, possible contractual terms used on SoS, existing bi- and multilateral agreements on SoS and finally, contact information to relevant national PoCs.

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